Monumental SEO Mistakes Made by Marketers

SEO mistakesDid you know SEO has been around a long time and has grown to a vast field? It is not a fact that you can optimize your site and trick search engines into giving you a higher rating. It is fact that these search engines are smarter than you. We will translate ways to avoid a couple of the most common mistakes in SEO creating during this article.

If you backlink spam you are making a huge mistake. Blog comment spamming and link farms are not the most legal way to build links. Backlink spamming is a huge no-no in the internet site world. Avoid this mistake to keep your site from being banned when your spam is discovered. The goal of an SEO marketer is to create backlinks without breaking any laws.

Don’t stalk blogs that aren’t relevant to your topic. Some think building links is too difficult, this is a lie. It is not as difficult as many think although very repetitive and continuing process. It is a bad idea to involve yourself in unethical techniques in the long run. The worst thing that can happen is to be entered into the bad books with search engines. You need to put as much effort as possible to keep finding new ways to building one way backlinks. Your focus will determine the viability of your site when building links that are quality in nature.

Thinking that your time would be wasted if you created a useful site with great content would be a big mistake. If your site is full of bad content or irrelevance it will not do your ranking any good. Using keywords that match your content will show your dedication.

Use accurate, interesting, relevant keywords to acquire a positive content affect. Your target niche will be directed better with good keywords from search engine results. Excelling your rating can be achieved when you provide the best information for the search engine. Your rankings will suffer if your site links to irrelevant information.

Don’t choose a company that might not be right for your site SEO when outsourcing it’s a big mistake. Not all of the companies out there offering SEO are appropriate, in fact some are terrible. The last thing you want it to get banned from search engines because the company you chose used blackhat SEO. Explain to your company what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. One way to check the validity of your outsource company is to follow up on references.

In summary, the SEO mistakes that we discussed above are only few. You will realize these other mistakes as you move through the process and learn the tricks of the trade. For the best search engine marketing services New York, visit Red Rain SEO

Singapore Seo Services

In this World Wide Web edge, the Internet has become necessary for people in each and mostly all areas of your life. Whether individuals or businessmen, can not imagine life without the Internet participation. Online marketing has changed the whole concept of physical or traditional or other marketing media. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important parts of online marketing, which is also known as Internet marketing. It is important for people if they need to promote their personal blog or websites. At the same time, it is also important for small businesses or corporate houses which need to establish itself as a brand in the market.

In this age of Internet, there are millions of sites and their numbers are steadily increasing throughout the world. Therefore, Singapore is no exception and there are a number of websites available here from mostly all industrial sectors as well as personal blog or sites. It is not an easy task for anyone to deal with these types of tough competitions and get rank in the top 10 in the SERPs (Search Engines results pages) in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing, etc. To this end, professional SEO consultants whoever could understand the SEO perspective website and achieve top-10 ranking following optimization processes ethical search engine are required.

If you just build your website or your blog recently started and should promote through the Internet, you should choose a professional SEO consultant in Singapore. They must be highly qualified and have enough experience to handle these works according to the specific needs and requirements of customers also in their financial budget. Before choosing an SEO consultant, you should do thorough research on them in terms of their work and prices. You should visit their official sites especially portfolio section, which reflect the work done by them so far. This will give an overview of his works for you might decide to choose according to their specific needs and requirements.

There are many SEO consultants in Singapore that use them to commit to their customers that their services are totally professional, but they charge too, which is not available to a person or a small business. In this condition, you should avoid and try to find others. There are a number of SEO consultants who provide affordable services according to the financial budget of customers. If you have a budget for promoting your site, you should choose this type of SEO consultant.

In this age of Internet, there are millions of sites and their numbers are steadily increasing throughout the world. Therefore, Singapore is no exception and there are a number of websites available here from mostly all industrial sectors as well as personal blog or sites. It is not an easy task for anyone to deal with these types of tough competitions and get rank in the top 10 in the SERPs (Search Engines results pages) in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing etc.

Free Google Optimization

As you all know, Google has become the king of search engine traffic to most websites around the world. Google provides about 60 percent of most qualified free traffic to my websites every day, almost without exception. Yahoo is second, delivering around 20 percent and MSN is third delivering around 10 percent. That leaves 10 percent that comes from all secondary search engines like AltaVista, AOL, LookSmart, ExactSeek, and so on.

If you plan to get your visitors without spending a lot of money, then free search result listings are the answer. Most experts in search engine optimization main objectives set for commissioning Google for major keywords that are trying to target in the first two pages of results and most importantly on the first page.

By optimizing your site for Google, which has to do several things right to win any corresponding indexing with Google.

Fist, must quality content on your site that explains what your business does and the content must contain relevant keywords that your attempts to make free with.

Second, the meta tags in your header tag should reflect awakens in the content of your page. It has title tags, description tag and keyword tags. The most important title is followed by the description, and finally the keyword tag.

Third, the images should have alt tags that describe the search engines what they represent your images. If you have a picture of your company logo placed on their website then I call the company logo.

Fourth, if you can buy a website address which has its main key focus on her word to do it. If you already have a website that has been active for a long period of time to keep the address you have. Most of the time your marketing material has its web address on it anyway.

Fifth, name your website links. If you offer web design services, the service must be tab (web_design_services.html) for example. Name your images as well. If you have a picture of a dog swimming, they call (dogswimming. File type). Six

, you must generate quality back links to your website. Be sure to use keyword optimized text that will tell Google what your site. Find sites that are similar to yours in content and commercial link request including placement. You can write articles like this, post blogs, post classified ads, and more. Just get back links that make sense. If you run a toy store Don; not to publish the advertisement in a hardware store website. Seven

, add new content to your site at least once a week if you want the search engines coming back for more. Having a new content on the home page is more valuable. Add a newsletter, latest updates, ect.

Eight, create a sitemap.xml file and submit it to Google sitemaps. Sitemap.txt create a file and send it to Yahoo Feeds, and place a sitemap.html file on the footer of your website to all search engines to navigate your site and find all the pages you want them to index.

There are many other things you can do to get a good placement in the free listings Google.

These initiators are some good tips that will get you on you way to good keyword placement. Read more articles like this to learn more about how you can achieve good Google keyword placement.

Improving search engine optimization

So you have that wonderful work-at-home online operation. You have a site with dynamite easy to use navigation, a lot of well written, entertaining and pertinent articles, and more revenue-generating links than you can handle. But for some reason, the hits just are not coming and your business is not making as much money as you deserve. How to turn a struggling online business into a profitable business?

The first thing to ask is:?. "How hearing people on my site are 'In an Internet dominated by search engines like Google and Yahoo, senior search engine is a necessity Why? Most search engines display ten results per page, ranked, and most users never make it beyond the first page. That means that if your website is going to be found, must be higher

10 . But how? How .? Take a look at the title of this article. It's okay. Through optimizing search engines. SEO is a simple concept. Use the words that people probably enter search engines strategically in the content of your website. This article is using a couple of keywords SEO as online business or optimization search engine, the same subjects people could search if looking for an article like this. See how easy it is? Two keywords without interrupting the flow of the article. Using

Engine optimization effective search may mean redesigning most of the content of your website. When you're doing trying to take into account these six commandments of SEO.

Then know your enemies

Knowing what keywords to use words is the most important part of SEO. This means investigation. A lot of research. Start by trying to find your site on various search engines. Most likely it will not, at least not on the first page. Write down the first 10 results you get. These sites are your competition. Try several different combinations of search terms. Is there somewhere that appear more than once? Check those out. What keywords or phrases are used over and over again? What are the titles of the pages? What is the content about? What is the web address? These are potential keywords to write down. These will form the basis for your own search engine optimization.

You should not use keywords arbitrarily

Keywords should be thought of as compliments; the more you give, the less meaning they have. For the same reason, do not give enough not go unnoticed. Use them wisely. Find the happy relationship of keywords to normal. A rule of thumb in search engine optimization is 2. 04.05% of your content should be keywords; no more no less.

You will make that all content is reasonable

Search engine optimization Do not fall into the tempting trap BUSINESS LINE SEO search engines using keywords randomly in order to increase your search engine rank. Hard to read, is not it? A little want to scream and tear your hair out? Keywords above content. If your items are so rich in keywords that make no sense, users will not return and repeat revenue will be lost. All search engine optimization in the world is useless if your users do not stay in place long enough to put money in your pocket time. Search engines pick up on this tricks anyway. Also, just the simple fight dirty. THOU SHALT VARY

Using keywords

So you've done your research and have a list of 25 keywords you want to use on your site. Each article has a primary keyword or two. Unfortunately, every article on the site are using the same two keywords. What about the other 23? Do not be tempted by the ease of use of the same words over and over again. Write articles about the 25 keywords. You spent all that time researching them, now use them. And just because it is an article of a keyword does not mean you can not use other keywords in the article. Use the non-primary keywords like salt sprinkled on the entire site. THOU SHALT UPDATE

Get the number one search engine rank was tough. It took hours of work, and now that he has reached the top is time to sit back and reap the benefits. Right?


How long do you think the number one ranking will last? You know your competitors got mad when you want them and are redesigning their sites at this time. At this time, I say. Over time it will pull ahead again unless he manages to stay ahead in the game. Constantly update your site with new content rich keywords to make sure you're on the edge and can keep that number one ranking word.

NEVER FORGET: You are not alone

Search engine optimization may seem like a daunting task at first, and perhaps it is. But we must not forget that there are people out there who want and can help; which it is, after all, the way they make their living. Some writers specialize in SEO and there are websites available that do most of the dirty work research waiting to hear from you. So no matter how daunting a task as it may seem, never give up the search engine optimization. In a worldwide web where everything depends on page views, your search engine rank can never be too high.

Web and Mobile Application Optimization

The mobile device has become one of the most important part of our life. Mostly also it influences every aspect of life. They are used for personal purposes and to send email and text messages as well. Users of mobile devices are impressed with smartphones based on Android. With the growing popularity of smart phones, people also require the application for Android on their phones. The development of these applications is very important in demand because of the freedom and comfort offered by this platform. Android application development in Australia is free and open source that makes the device available at an affordable cost. This is a Google operating system and thus open source. This application has a huge market share. People prefer Android smartphones instead of another operating system, as they are friendly in use.

This phone also becomes one of the appreciated both the consumer and the developer because of its flexibility and sold as bread on the market. Very supportive of application range from, business, health, finance, travel and entertainment. They are much faster than any other operating system. Here are some of the benefits of this:

1.Android based phone is a free and open source and automatically had cut the development cost.

2.It is more affordable than any other operating system and does not limit the development process with the license fees.

3.It is better for integrating applications among others. 4.It

That enables custom application development for online stores.

The beauty of this application is that it is very easy to handle and is growing at a steady pace. With the rise of this field many development companies began offering this service. The advantage of this platform also includes:

1.Wi-Fi, CDMA, GSM, Bluetooth and other Internet-based technologies to send and receive data over the Internet.

2.It is compatible with 2D and 3D graphics. 3.This

Platform also has libraries of audio, video and image.

4.Featured with a video camera, GPS, touch screen, etc. 5.Also

Message communication between approval processes is possible with Android phones.

Choose the best company for the development services. The company must have a team of expert developers and must offer interface design as well. Furthermore, from the development, the company must provide testing services. The company provides this kind of beneficial deals is distinguished. WEB newpath is better in providing application development for Android in Australia and builds and creates websites. This company is also specialized in marketing and search engine optimization services online. They specialize in web design, development, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Apps sites. Its experts and experienced designer ensure that the application developed by the brings the best results for the company. The dream of businessmen

Is to expand your business and take him up to a new level. With this development android you can make your dream come true. This application not only simplifies industrial operations, but also promote to attract new customers. In short, you can power your business to the next level and expand its customer base and allows you to reach the pinnacle of success.

If you need to use Android application development in Australia, please visit

Seo Services Company In Chennai

Search engine optimization is a technique long-term process or time where the website is set with content, graphics and programs for code and search engines for website rank on main engines search Google, Yahoo and MSN. Content is the king of the entire website, so unique and relevant content for your keyword will cause customers to view the website in the search result. Every webmaster

Not all algorithms used by search engines, are known web experts can identify the most important points based on which site is ranking. The main important points to consider are the keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, website design, H1 tags, title, Alt tags, clean source code and document type that does not increase the loading time of the page Web. Some of the SEO services listed below for optimizing your website.

1) Administration of key phrases and keywords:

Keywords and key phrases are the most important to the success of SEO. We must take into account the right keywords and key phrases in optimizing the website, as all search engines and customers choose our site due to the keywords and key phrases. We also need to include ling tail keywords, which will help the site rank in search engines.

2) Content: Content is very important

Factory, the search engines would like exclusive content not only duplicate content that is why content is king for search engines. It should include keywords somewhere in the page content.

3) Navigation and website design:

Navigation design of the website should reduce cognitive power of the reader. An attractive web design would have background colors and fonts that match enough that the site is enjoyable to read. Adequate white space, site maps, text instructions, and many of those useful elements must be addressed by experts in SEO.

4) Link Building: Link Building

Is a process of obtaining backlinks from other website. Link building place a very important role in the SEO process. To increase the number of page rank backlinks from websites is very important that you can do for Link Building. We can build backlinks directory submission, bookmarking, article submission, sending press releases and classified presentation.

What are you waiting for? Make your website get on top by using our SEO services.

Get a free quote on services of search engine optimization at this time by our expert SEO …

Website Performance Test Tools

Internet providers that use the testing experience higher success levels than those without division perform such tests. Split testing allows marketers to measure the effects of different content on their landing pages against user response, and thus select the best page performance. Split-testing is typically a time consuming process. No need for special tools, a marketer would need to create the content of the landing page, and run it for a specific period of time to check the results. Then, the seller would have to run the same page with one change- perhaps a different title source, or a different wording for the title, and test the results of that variation. It is costly and time consuming as it can only test one item at a time in order to obtain accurate results, and because it is completely based on trial and error.

Google Analytics has allowed marketers to measure their conversion rate (how many visitors become buyers or perform the specific action a web site asks them to do), but tracking this does not tell you what content on your site is effective and what areas need improvement. Like any internet marketer knows, if you are going to spend money on pay per click advertising and other means of getting website visitors to your web page, then the content you actually put on that page is priceless. You want a successful performance of your ads. How can you control the actual effectiveness of the content of the page, and know what content is working well and what does not work?

Google is offering a new service for landing pages-testing division, called "Web-Site Optimizer". This causes a fraction of the much more manageable and less expensive than the test without the test tool. Basically, the optimizer will allow you to try different variations of content on your landing page and measure the results to see which page has a better (conversion rate) performance.

The Website Optimizer is free, and can be used without extensive experience in handling experhyments testing landing pages. In other words, you do not need to be a genius-proof starting to use the optimizer tool. Before starting a experhyment landing page, Google even provides internet marketers with a "pre experhyment check list". In step by step what you have to do, from the selection of the test page, to set a target for experhyment for the actual operation of the experhyment and reading the results.

Using the optimizer, a marketer can experhyment with new headlines, different promotional copy, and a variety of images designed to turn web site visitors into "conversions". Google will provide easy to read, graphical reports to determine the content that performs the best and encourages site visitors to the highest conversion rates.

In determining what to test on your page, you need to consider your target. If you want your site visitors to take a specific action such as downloading a document or making a purchase (call to action), then you may want to try different headlines. You can try different Graphics- to see whether photographs of products or a person using the product has a better result. Changing the copy of the current page to decide whether the longer text offers better results, or shorter and more direct copy has better conversions. Proving the text format could offer changes in conversion rates as well; try bullets or paragraphs. Wrap this up, try to modify the real part "call to action" site. If you have a button that says "Register", is a different phrase, like "quick sign" or "get it free".

While it is necessary to have an active account Google AdWords account to use the optimizer tool, you will be able to test traffic coming from various locations. You'll test incoming visitors that are a result of your AdWords ads, search results from Google and other search engine traffic.

Website Performance

Your company is launching its new web application. This web application is well designed and attractive. It has been well proven by his group of quality assurance. You have spent a lot of money marketing your new website. The website now goes live. Very soon he realizes that his new web application is not able to scale your typical production load and response times and performance is unacceptably high altogether. Your web logs indicate that most website visitors just leave the new site before buying anything from their response times are very poor. You start to panic, and one of his friends tells him that the reason for their application does not perform properly is that you do not have many hardware resources. Hearing this, you decide to add more server hardware. At a time when this has little effect on the response time of the website, it remains woefully inadequate. Soon you realize that a problem does not reside with the hardware, but rather with the web application itself. It appears that your web application was not well optimized for typical peak loads. It is increasingly evident that most of your marketing budget is wasted.

Enter the world of acting and cargo. In order to ensure that their scales applications as the load increases, it is necessary to carry out tests in which their application is tested against a simulated load that closely resembles the actual load that will be subjected to when exposed to the outside world.

Is important to distinguish between functional testing and load or regression or performance testing. Functional and regression testing is used to automate a large number of scenarios to ensure that your website works as intended. Load tests on the other side measures how well your website performs when a huge load, such as a large number of concurrent users is submitted.

Load and performance tests require the use of testing tools. It is impractical if not ridiculous to try to simulate a load of 200 concurrent users by having a group of 200 people sit on 200 machines and try to perform operations simultaneously. Before starting any type of load and performance testing, you need to identify the test scenarios you need to automate. A load testing tool often register web requests and responses based on user interactions with a website. To perform various operations on your website or application, the tool records all transactions taking place web. When finished recording, an automated script is generated. Another possibility is to use the tool to manually create the script. Typically testers will perform a combination of the two. They use the recording mechanism to generate the skeletal foundations of their scripts and then manually modify the scripts to reflect specialized scenarios. The load testing tool should also allow the tester to simulate bandwidth restricted situations. This means that an example that would accurately model users who want to use the application on a slow modem connection. It should also allow the tester to drive the script from random data from large external data sets.

Load testing scripts can be graphical or textual in nature. Good tools load and performance tests do not require testers to be programmers. Testers who are not familiar with programming work with scripts that can be manipulated graphically. Storyboards typically show all recorded in the form of a hierarchical structure and testers steps to modify any of the steps in order to modify the recorded script. Testers who are proficient in programming may want to manipulate their scripts by modifying the code. These testers would work with code written in a programming language known as JavaScript, VBScript or C.

Once created the script, you may want specialized controls put in place. These controls are often specifically related to the application being tested. For example, you may want to check that the answer returned by a web request meets certain textual criteria. This would involve placing a text checkpoint. A text checkpoint can verify that a given text segment is present or not present in a specific portion of the website. Once you have finished creating the script that often test the script on your own machine as a single user to ensure that the test script is executed as planned.

Are now ready to perform a load test based on performance. A good tool load tests allow the tester to refine the test execution. This means that it will allow the tester to choose the number of concurrent virtual users, the form of ramps script, how it ramps down and how long it runs. It should also allow the tester to create multiple concurrent virtual users groups that have their own ramp, and gave constant and deceleration characteristics. A good testing tool will allow the user to distribute the load on multiple machines from a single machine may only be able to scale up to a few hundred users.

To understand the behavior of the web application loaded, it is also important for load testing tool for the tester to track the performance characteristics of external components such as operating systems, web servers, databases, etc. This allows the user to see how application performance correlates with the performance characteristics of the external component. This type of analysis will allow the tester to identify the root cause of bottlenecks quite easily.

During test execution the tester must be able to see performance graphs real-time performance metrics such as response time of the transaction, the HTTP responses per second grouped by HTTP code (eg, 200 , 404, 500, etc.), passed transactions per second, failed transactions per second, total transactions per second, performed per second, pages downloaded per second, etc. The tester should also be able to see simultaneously the performance characteristics of the external components described above. For an operating system this could be something like% processor time to a database that could be the number of writes per second. At the end of the test, the tester will often be able to view and save this data as a report for further analysis.

Load and performance tests allow you to simulate the behavior of your application in a typical production environment. This will allow you to plan your hardware deployment strategy effectively and ensure that the application will deliver the expected performance characteristics. The deployment of a web application without testing its performance characteristics under expected production loads would resemble crossing a road blindfolded. Load testing is an essential part of the development cycle of a Web application and must never be overlooked.

SEO tips for website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a kind of black magic, many people know about it but many people do not know exactly how.

Performing SEO quickly and doing it well enough so that a site appears on the first page of search results are very important when it comes to a sites success.

The most important aspect and the best way to get a spot in the standings very quickly is by having keywords in the URL.

If you register a new domain, try to get one with the keywords included.

I noticed a great SEO domain was at stake, so you have registered, built the site and within 4 days I was on the first page in position 6 in Google.

The second most important aspect in quick SEO is keeping your keywords in your sub pages. If you had a site that sold wheelchairs you should have the word "Wheelchairs" in the name of its sub-pages.

This will help your site much faster rate.

The third most important aspect is to have the content of your home page that displays your keyword phrases. I would suggest having your keyword phrases repeated on your page at least ten times thoughout your copy.

The next important aspect is building links with keywords in your anchor text. Have about three variations here. I once had a client and actually made no change in place. Most of what I did was build hundreds of links to articles with your keywords in your anchor text. Within weeks he was on the first page of Google for a number of keywords.

Finally, the age of your domain counts for a lot. If you have an aged domain that is over 2 years old have a chance to get on the first page of search results within a week if you work hard at it and establish links with keywords in the text of its anchor.

To optimize the website Google search

Is your website stuck on page one hundred and something on Google or any other search engine for that matter? Well, if so you are not alone. In fact, most websites will appear somewhere in the belly of the search engine rankings, as they are not optimized properly.

Unfortunately, just because you're website seems that the 'dog danglies' This does not mean that's what the search engines will think. In all honestly if you have not optimized your website properly, then it might as well not bother to create it in the first place.

Search engine results are key to your website and business potential, either failing or succeeding. Do it right and you will have a steady stream, this avalanche of traffic on a daily basis for a long time to come. However, you think again and be the only person to visit.

What can we do make sure that our website appears on the first page of search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Well, I hate to destroy all dreams these experts search engine optimization 'out there, but in theory it is not difficult to achieve. I say theory because search engines are constantly evolving and what could be up to the current date and now may well be old news tomorrow. That said, there are basic optimization tips that we can manage that seem to remain constant in all search engines.

Search engines love fresh original content. So if you have the burden of extracts from articles pasted around your website and wonder why not're seeing a lot of traffic. Chances are that other websites are using that same article and the search engines can be penalized your website for displaying duplicate content. Always try to write fresh and original content, it may take longer, but eventually rewarded for their efforts. Select

Keyword phrases that are not as popular, but it will still produce significant traffic if you optimize your website for them. Do not go for the most searched by keywords. Although this may seem a good idea, it is not. By optimizing your website for phrases most desirable keywords you find that the competition is very tough and not improve your ranking at all if you do.

Sure to place your most desirable in the title of your website key phrase and dispersion throughout the body of the page as well. Do not go crazy as you do not want to be spamming your keywords.

Check Availability website

In India, trains are the most common means of transport. A large number of people dependent on the railway network to travel from one place to another. There are daily passengers using trains to go to their offices and other workplaces, schools and universities. During the holidays, tourists trains for leisure travelers and pilgrims throng. People living away from home have the opportunity to visit their hometowns. In short, the trains are always full of passengers traveling for various purposes. The first and most important step to get on a train is to ensure a reservation. To make a reservation, you have to check the availability train ticket.

There are several ways to check if a ticket is available for the trip. There are several travel websites and tourism than the IRCTC website that offers help. If you enter your day trip and stations of origin and destination, it will provide a list of trains traveling between two stations in your preferred travel day. You have the option to check the details of each train as train fares, stops, source and destination and the number of places available. Once you choose a train, reservation can be made by paying through their credit cards or debit cards. You will receive an e-ticket in the mail and you have to take a copy of it with you when you travel as proof of booking. You can also apply for an I-ticket is a ticket sent by mail.

Most people in India love to travel by trains. Although there are a large number of trains, get a reserved ticket is a matter of luck, especially during holidays and festive seasons when there is a discharge passengers. The Indian Railways is planning future development to solve this important problem.

If no seats available, which will be put on the waiting list. There is a scheme called RAC or Reservation against cancellation, which will get a seat if any cancellations made. If the ticket is not reserved, two passengers will be offered a common shared seat, which is mainly a side seat. A new option called Tatkal available allowing you to book your tickets 48 hours in advance. It is helpful in case of emergency, and most trains have coaches reserved for entries under the Tatkal scheme.

Web sites that offer the option to book your ticket, check your PNR status from time to time and even cancel your reservation, if necessary. Each station has a counter book that can help you find the availability of trains and book your tickets. In addition, there are also mobile services to help you access all data on your cell phone.

The reserve for trains begins 120 days before the departure of the train, but even then several passengers can not get your confirmed reservation because of the problem of availability of train tickets. Therefore, be sure to book your tickets in time to get the tickets booked and enjoy your trip.